Crowdfunding Mode Nachhaltigkeit

Unterstützenswerte, nachhaltige Crowdfunding Projekte

Unterstützenswerte, nachhaltige Crowdfunding Projekte

Heute stelle ich euch ein paar unterstützenswerte, nachhaltige Crowdfunding Projekte vor. Aus den Bereichen Mode, Accessoires und Schmuck.


Our project is a vegan ready to wear brand. A trendy vegan fashion brand with mostly vegetal and sustainable fabrics. We realized that the fashion industry is really polluting for Earth and many fabrics such as leather and fur are generating suffer on animals. After long researches around the world, we found natural, ecological, responsible and unusual materials that reply to those problematics. We want to create a new fashion at the opposite of the fast fashion industry by creating a trendy fashion for all women. We aim to get an alternative fashion by using vegetal fabrics meanwhile digging our inspiration from fashion classics that forged it. Our fabrics are 100% cruelty free! Unterstützen

Instinct Sportswear

Unsere zweite Kollektion soll aus recycelten Materialien sein. Wir möchten Funktionstextilien verwenden, die unter anderem aus Nylon-Fischernetzen bestehen, die als Meeresmüll die Ozeane verdrecken. In den sogenannten Geisternetzen verfangen sich Schildkröten, Haie, Delphine und andere Meerestiere und gehen elendig zugrunde. Da wir selber Surfer sind und es lieben, mit Sohni und Hund Zeit am Strand zu verbringen, liegen uns das Ökosystem “Meer” und eine saubere Umwelt sehr am Herzen. Wir möchten mit einer recycelfähigen Sportswear-Linie dazu beitragen, dass die Meere vom Müll befreit werden und nach einmaligem Upcycling, entsteht so etwas Wertvolles wie unsere Sportswear. Am Ende ihres Lebenszyklusses können die Textilien einfach über das Kunststoffrecycling wiederverwertet werden und landen nie wieder als Müll in der Umwelt. Das ist unser Traum. Wenn wir die Fundingschwelle schaffen, produzieren wir die Leggings aus Recyclingmaterial, erweitern wir die OCEAN WASTE LINE um weitere Oberteile für Damen und beginnen mit der Umsetzung unserer Bio-Baumwollkollektion für Männer. Unterstützen

Atelier Flat Moon

Original “Ethical Art Fashion” brand design by Runa Ikeda. We use organic cotton, fair wear and recycled fabrics to positively. ATELIER FLAT MOON makes original fashion items and hand made accessories designed by Runa Ikeda. Based in Berlin,Germany. We use organic cotton, fair wear and recycled fabrics to positively contribute towards sustainable industry and a better environment. Our concept is avant-garde and artistic “Ethical Art Fashion”. It was for these reasons that we started Atelier FLAT MOON. We care about the production process and comfortable clothes.We want to launch a complete product which is why we are applying for Crowd Funding. Unterstützen

be free Shoes

Modischer Retro Sneaker aus ökologischen Materialien – recycelte Latexsohle, veganes Microvelours/Obermaterial und Wechselfußbett, Senkel aus Tencel. Designed in Deutschland von “Schuhmenschen” – made in Portugal. Für den besten Schuh der Welt – für euch! Es ist nicht nur ein Schuh, es ist ein Lebensgefühl. #befree! Unterstützen

WAMA Underwear

Hemp undies for both men & women. Naturally anti-microbial & breathable. Protect nature, impact the world and support hemp in fashion. WAMA was created from a deep passion and love for nature and travel to see as much of its beauty as we can. We believe in the preservation of planet earth by using more of what mother nature has provided us. Every detail from our fabric blend to the elastic, pantone colors, labels, patterns and stitching has been developed with the highest quality standards. WAMA isn’t just a pair of hemp underwear, it’s a fashionable everyday underwear that you will feel good about wearing. With a simple, yet stylish design, we have created an underwear to change the perception of hemp clothing for the better. To do so, we tested many different fabrics until we created the perfect textile blend with hemp, organic cotton and a bit of spandex. Unterstützen


These flattering wilderness inspired athletic tights, made from recycled plastic bottles, will ensure the sewers make a living wage. Bewildher’s flattering wilderness inspired athletic tighs – made from recycled plastic bottles – will be produced in a more ethical way that ensures the sewers make a living wage. Purchasing a pair of these beautiful and hi-quality leggings will give you that priceless I-did-something-good-today feeling. Unterstützen


Char (UK), Cami and Maria (Brazil), decided to turn their long-distance friendship and their constant wanderlust into something beautiful and unique, BELO. A for profit company that believes in making beautiful high quality accessories. We use local Brazilian talent, paying fair wages and sustainable materials to create products inspired from our travels. We believe in being socially conscious and giving back to the communities from where BELO was born. That is why we are donating plates of food to a Non Government Organisation “Casa De Maria” who help feed the homeless and in need, in Belo Horizonte Brazil. Casa De Maria relies fully on donations to feed the people that use their service – they never know how many plates they can provide – our aim is to give them some stability! To start our dream business we are using Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform to help fund our manufacturing process. You can help us achieve this dream. Unterstützen


My name is Danielle and I am the founder of ACE Backpacks. Finding a backpack that is sustainable, vegan, chic, AND practical was difficult for me. Backpacks were either too small but cute AF or the right size to fit all my needs, but aesthetically unappealing. I wanted a backpack that radiated “GIRL BOSS” and as a working woman who commutes to work every day this backpack is exactly what I need. I decided to design the solution to my problem, and I have no doubts that The Daniel backpack will be your solution, too. The Daniel is designed to be cute AF and practical. Vegan, eco-friendly, made in NYC and fits the tools needed for women to SLAY. Unterstützen


The backpack made from one single piece of waterproof wool-felt. Made in France, assembled by you. Choose from a wide range of colours! Hi, we’re back on Kickstarter and this time with a backpack! And yes, it’s a backpack you create and assemble yourself. The Lasso bag is minimal, stylish and ethically produced. Made out of 70% wool felt and 30% viscose (to make it stronger and water repellant). It comes flat-packed, with your favorite colour combination, ready to be assembled. Offered exclusively to you on Kickstarter at the wholesale price. Because nothing would have happened without our backers! Customise it as you like. Proudly make it yours. The felt for the bag comes in two different options, brown or black. And the strap is available in 6 different colors: charcoal black, wool grey, brick red, peacock blue, pumpkin orange, kiwi green. We only use high quality and “eco-sourced” materials. Manufacturing a product that is ethically and ecologically responsible is our number one priority. After a lot of effort and factory visits, we are proud to have all the components sourced, manufactured, assembled, stored and dispatched within a 500km radius in France. Unterstützen


Fairsole is an ethical fashion brand. Handcrafting luxury leather products, employing disadvantaged youth and funding social impact schemes. We have our workshop in Kampala, Uganda. Through fair trade our aim is to empower disadvantaged youth through employment, give the opportunity for girls to go back to school through our social impact projects, and provide our customers with high quality stylish products. We source all our leather and other input materials from within East Africa. Our products are carefully hand crafted; it takes a whole day for one of our artisans to make a tote and half a day to make a purse. The combination of East African leather with careful hand crafting gives our products a uniquely raw feel about them. Our products are strong, robust and built to last while also adhering to a high level of style and sophistication. Fairsole is one of the pioneering social enterprises for producing high quality leather products in Uganda for export to western markets. Unterstützen


Made with certified diamonds. Sold at historically impossible prices. Diamonds have been traditionally perceived as “stars in the sky” – farfetched and unreachable. We thought diamond jewels were expensive to make and only made for love purposes too. Until we started SQUAREGAL. Our mission is to offer high quality diamond jewelry, priced at accessible level, and styled to fit daily outfits and evening ones. We turn focus to diamonds – what they stand for (power, confidence, pride) and you. We use certified and ethically sourced diamonds to make fine everyday jewelry. At SQUAREGAL we only standby high-quality diamonds, which have been purchased from legitimate and conflict-free sources. Unterstützen

Wood-Worx Co.

High-quality eyewear made out of recycled wood that is ensured to spark conversation. Built by hand and crafted with precision! Wood-Worx Co. originated along the emerald coast of Florida. Where sun-kissed skin met beautiful beaches, the need became obvious. Wood-Worx Co. was founded on the belief that your eyewear should be different – it should captivate. We have eliminated the middle-man so we can offer our eyewear at a price that won’t break the bank. In doing so, we set out to create an online based business; not only do we promote environmental friendliness, but we also strive to make a difference in the life of others. Unterstützen


Our collection blends the raw nature of the alps with urban design and introduces the first Swiss made wooden automatic watches. EINSTOFFEN is a lifestyle brand built by four friends from eastern Switzerland. In 2008, we set out to connect the worlds of street fashion and eyewear. Inspired by nature, art, movies and music, we create personal objects for people who are passionate about design but still look at life with a relaxed attitude. We love to work with natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. They are the main components for that organic and unique EINSTOFFEN-look. EINSTOFFEN is inspired by nature. In Switzerland, gorgeous natural sceneries are always just a stone’s throw away. Nature plays a big part in our daily life and it has been an integral part of our brand since day one. Unterstützen


Wood and fashion does not work? Well, we don’t think so. Whether the classic bow tie or the watch. We offer a sustainable alternative. Um ehrlich zu sein, die Idee zum UrWood Konzept kam uns selber sehr unerwartet. Eigentlich hatten wir eine ganz andere Idee. Doch wie das Leben so spielt, läuft die Straße des Lebens nur selten gradlinig. […] Heraus kamen Modeaccessoires und Armbanduhren aus Holz gefertigt. Aus jenem Holz, das in der Industrie als Restabfall eben nicht brauchbar verarbeitet werden konnte. So wären alle Fliegen mit einer Klappe geschlagen und beobachtete Problemansätze gelöst. Qualitativ hochwertige Handarbeit mit einem echten Mehrwert für den Kunden und für die Umwelt. Einzigartige Produkte, die man eben nicht überall bekommen kann und sich schon alleine deshalb von der Masse abheben. Eben etwas ganz Besonderes. Unterstützen

Schaut euch ruhig auf Startnext und Kickstarter näher um, es gibt noch jede Menge weitere, tolle Crowdfunding Projekte zu entdecken.

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