Crowdfunding Mode Nachhaltigkeit

Unterstützenswerte, nachhaltige Crowdfunding Projekte 2

Unterstützenswerte, nachhaltige Crowdfunding Projekte

Heute stelle ich euch wieder ein paar unterstützenswerte, nachhaltige Crowdfunding Projekte vor. Diesemal aus den Bereichen Mode, Accessoires, Schmuck, Möbel, Haushalt und Hygiene.

Der Alparka

In der Greenpeace-Studie “Chemie für jedes Wetter” (2012) enthalten alle getesteten Jacken Schadstoffe. Dazu gibt es jetzt eine Alternative! Der Alparka ist eine wasserfeste Outdoorjacke aus Bio-Baumwolle und Alpakafaser – nachhaltig produziert, fair gehandelt und 100% plastikfrei! Das Innenfutter aus Alpaka hat eine unvergleichbare Thermoregulation (einfach kein Frieren und kein Schwitzen mehr). Mit eurer Unterstützung wollen wir Outdoor-Aktivitäten wieder umweltfreundlich machen! Unterstützen

Faire Child Makewear

Faire Child Makewear is a clothing brand for children aged 3-10, seeking funding to help produce their AW18 Weatherwear Collection. Our garments invite children to immerse in their most important pursuits: making and playing in the outdoors. We support parents and educators in fostering curiosity and care for the natural world, without interruption from the weather. Faire Child pants, jackets and suits are completely waterproof, free from harmful chemicals, made in Canada, 100% recycled content and recyclable. Classic outerwear styles of the early 1900s inspired us to create timeless garments with exceptional fit for a child’s form and busy play. Faire Child Founder, Tabitha Osler has spent the last ten years studying and teaching fashion design where a distinct focus on slow fashion and environmental and social responsibility emerged. Our fabric is a real point of pride; highly durable, soft on the skin, breathable, and safe for human and environmental health. It’s also easy to care for; water and dirt repelling, machine wash, low-heat dry, and even iron safe. The structure of the fabric remains intact after repeated wear and washing, continuing to be waterproof and breathable. We believe in growing beyond an old economy based on extraction and waste, towards a regenerative economy, by advancing frameworks that value healthy ecosystems and social equity. Unterstützen


Ich entwerfe und nähe Fliegen in liebevoller Handarbeit, regional in Deutschland. Ich verwende ausschließlich Naturstoffe (Baumwolle/Leinen) aus biologischem Anbau. Die Stoffe werden fair gehandelt. Die Fliegen haben einen abgestimmten Farbverlauf und jeweils eine farbig ausgestellte Ecke, welche Sie zum besonderen Eye-Catcher macht. Sie sind modern, schlank geschnitten. Sie passt sehr gut zu einen Anzug aber auch einfach auf ein Hemd und Jeans. Unterstützen


A smart bag with a zen soul and a minimal design, handcrafted in Italy with the best textiles in the world. The story of BBAG. begun in Biella, a small town in Northern Italy (100km away from Milan), at the bottom of Alps, where the culture of textile has more than 200 years. Here there are some of the most important wool factories in the world. Explore the 7 lives of BBAG. Be metropolitan, be artistic, be new professional, be trendy, be international globetrotter, be cyclist, be outdoor addicted. Be BBAG. Every single BBAG. is created by professional craftsmen. The circle production is 100% Made in Italy, in a radius of 50 km from Biella, where the idea was born. BBAG. is the first backpack designed as a tailored suit. It’s less. It’s more. It’s not only a bag. Materials: 100% wool, 100% polyester, eco leather and microfibre soft-effect textile. Compact, capacious, sartorial, elegant. The concept and design is 100% Made in Italy, produced in a radius of 50 km around Biella, with high quality textiles and metallic details. Unterstützen

Love Sock Company

Premium organic socks, so soft you will never wanna take them off. Naturally odor resistant, helps with allergies & eco friendly. We wanted to craft premium organic socks with character. We decided to go all out with the quality, design and comfort. Oh, and we also made it affordable and eco-friendly. We start by using the softest certified organic cotton. Next, we weave our socks with 200 needles. What does this mean? Think of it like the tread count on your bed sheets. 200 is the highest gauge used for socks, this means that your socks will be finer and stronger due to the density of the stitching. Our finishing touches include a hand-linked toe and and reinforcement to the toe and heel area which adds comfort and durability. Unterstützen

Legend Bracelet

The Legend Bracelet serves as a daily reminder to inspire you to explore the world and protect it, while being able to store the memories of the special places you’ve been to and keep them close to you. The earth/sand in the second capsule is collected by scientists who study the carbon content in permafrost. Permafrost is the frozen ground that is thawing and releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. A year ago, I traveled to the Philippines to serve underprivileged children. It was an experience that gave me a broader perspective of the world and allowed me to witness firsthand the polluted conditions that these children had been born into. Going on that journey gave me a deeper appreciation for the earth and the impact humanity can have on it. After this experience, I started to study the impact climate change is having on our environment. That’s why I set out on a mission to create a product that could build a community that inspires one another to explore and protect the environment. Made from vegan and eco friendly materials, recycled from the bark of trees. The first capsule is filled with sand/earth from the Arctic. Unterstützen


Corn fiber pillows and sheets that resist 99.9% of bacteria, stains, and odors. Natural bedding that lasts and stays clean longer! Bad things love to collect inside our pillows and sheets in the form of Dead Skin Cells, Oils, Sweat, Mold, Yeast, and Bacteria. Dirty bedding can cause Acne, Diarrhea, Asthma and Bronchitis. By the way, when was the last time you washed your pillow? If you have never washed your pillow, you may want to consider throwing it away and getting a new one. Introducing SilverBorn, the first silver-infused bedding to use hypoallergenic, naturally-sourced corn fiber for sheets and pillows that are smoother and more durable than anything you’ve seen before. Our smooth sateen weave makes a fabric that is cool, breathable, and luxuriously soft for year round comfort. Unterstützen

Saral Studio

We create quality home linen by using textile waste and scraps of material while generating employment amongst South Indian artisans. “Saral” is a sustainably curated home linen brand that after months of research is finally establishing into something tangible. I, Aashna Rao, started Saral as a part of my Final Graduation Project but as I got more into the core of textile waste management and the method of up-cycling, the statistics left me astounded. It is then that I realized the need for a brand like this in the market. As an e-commerce business, we aim to sell sustainably extracted and ethically produced linen for the home. This linen is made out of leftover fabrics, scraps and textile overruns that are up-cycled into entirely new soft furnishings by the method of patch-working. Upcycling is known as the greenest form of recycling as the waste isn’t trashed and discarded but reformed into something entirely new. It’s wholly healthy and sustainable for the environment. Unterstützen

Kyoto Threads

Kyoto Threads is on a mission to create a super-soft and luxurious earth-friendly bed sheet completely free of harmful toxic chemicals. Your search for the perfect bed sheet has come to an end! Kyoto Threads is excited to offer the world’s first plant-based bamboo bed sheet! It’s time we took a cold, hard look at the bed sheets we sleep on and the harmful effects they have on our bodies and the earth. Our revolutionary bed sheets are free of toxic chemicals and eliminate the use of cotton as a raw material – good for you and good for our planet! Oh, and to top it off, we’ve stopped at nothing to make these earth-friendly bed sheets so silky and soft, you may have to invest in a louder alarm clock! We’re on a mission to create an extremely luxurious bed sheet while keeping both your health and the health of our planet safe. They’re made of green products that are properly sourced, free of toxic chemicals and safe for the environment, all without sacrificing comfort and price. Unterstützen


A new kind of eco-friendly, sustainable and electric-free toothbrush that cleans deeper than your electric and is powered by you. Be. stands for Beyond Electric. Unlike electric toothbrushes, Be. is more than just a vibrating head. Built as a kinetic storage device, Be. harnesses and amplifies the power of 2 simple twists into over 80,000 tartar fighting brush strokes using its patented multiplier transmission system. Battery and electric-free – brushing with Be. means no cables, no batteries, and no problems. Sustainable – Practice zero waste at home with Be.’s 100% biodegradable brush heads and recyclable build. Smart technology – Be.’s smart sensor operates at the ADA recommended precise tartafighting pressure of 120g, training you to brush thoroughly but consciously. And travel-friendly – Whether you’re traveling for business, backpacking outdoors or just bringing your toothbrush to work, Be. keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle. Unterstützen


Wir machen ökologische, runde und individuelle Möbel. Mit unserem ‘is mir Regal’ kann sich jeder spielend sein eigenes Regalsystem zusammenstellen. Aus den drei verschiedenen Größen und vier verschiedenen Farben lassen sich über eine Million Varianten kreieren. Für DIY-Fans gibt es das Regal auch naturbelassen, es eignet sich so perfekt zum Selbstgestalten. Der Vielfalt und Individualität sind mit dem ‘is mir Regal’ keine Grenzen gesetzt. Unterstützen

Wooden Spaces

Was vorher die Fassade eines alten Bahnhofes im Schwarzwald war ist jetzt ein Home Office Table oder eine Garderobe für Kinder. Im Mittelpunkt steht der Zauber von verwittertem Holz. Hier entstehen Möbel mit einer ganz besonderen Ausstrahlung. Schlicht und modern. Beständig und funktional. In nachhaltiger Produktion aus unbehandeltem Holz. Unterstützen


Ein Liegeplatz für deinen besten Kumpel, der sich im Handumdrehen in einen Rucksack verwandeln lässt. Fair und nachhaltig produziert in einer Werkstatt für Menschen mit Behinderung und ausgezeichnet mit Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Die eine Seite stylische Decke, die andere ein Handtuch, auf links gedreht ein Rucksack. Das ist der BUDDY. Büggel! Unterstützen

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