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Nat-2 presents the first sneakers made out of wood

Nat-2 bringt Sneakers aus Holz auf den Markt

The German footwear brand Nat-2 presents the world’s first sneakers made out of wood. The wooden sneakers are 100% vegan and available for men and women.

Nat-2 says:
“The wood is applied to an organic cotton and vector engraved in a way that the material bends and becomes soft and flexible like a fine nappa leather. The feel is very smooth and fine, while you can smell the wood and see the tree’s natural texture.”

The Nat-2 Wooden Line sneakers are made in Italy under fair conditions. The types of wood used for each shoe are ash, birch, maple, tulip tree, walnut, cherry, elm and beech. All the sneakers are unique and provided with smooth, antibacterial and padded cork soles. One pair is available for 350€.

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