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Interview with the founder of Squaregal

Interview mit den Gründerin von Squaregal

Audrey Cheng is the founder of the sustainable jewelery brand Squaregal. Here is her reply to six interview questions with the Fair Fashion Blog.

What was your initial idea for producing sustainable jewelry?

It all starts with a personal need. I was looking for a quality piece of jewelry that can be worn over my favorite outfit (t-shirt and jeans) as well as for special occasions like a candlelight date. I couldn’t find a suitable one so I decided to make it myself. We chose diamond jewelry for our main product line because we wanted our designs to last not just a season but ideally forever. Secondly, we believe the most beautiful things are made to circulate. Diamonds shouldn’t be only caged as a prestigious stone and worn by a few. Hence, our mission is to offer high quality diamond jewelry, priced at accessible level, and styled to fit daily outfits and evening ones.

How did you find the brand name Squaregal? Does it stand for a special meaning?

The name Squaregal is coming from a song called “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” by Elvis Presley which means that a girl who thinks, does, and dresses with flair. Created for the bold, daring, and out of box thinkers who love and follow their hearts fiercely.

Where are the diamonds from that you take for manufacturing the jewelry?

We source and manufacture our diamond pieces in Hong Kong with a trusted gemstone manufacturer who supplies top high-end jewelry brands and has more than 30 years craftsmanship in the industry.

What other materials do you use to manufacture the Squaregal jewelry?

We use precious metal such as sterling silver plated with white gold or 18k gold.

How long does the manufacturing process take round about? Or does it differ from piece to piece?

Every piece of our jewelry is carefully handset. Therefore, the whole production time can take up to 20-35 days.

What do you hope for the future?

We currently only offer ready-to-wear diamond collections. However, we’re planning to do more custom diamond jewelry that is closer to one’s personal style. It’s not going to be high-end jewelry pieces that only few people can afford or engagement rings which are only worn by certain occasions. Instead we let our customers choose the diamond themselves in terms of carats, shapes, and colors first and then we make it fit your everyday outfit.

Image sources: © Squaregal

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  1. Toller Artikel!

  2. Tolles Interview. Wirklich gut gemacht. Besonders da es eine junge Marke ist und sich diese bestimmt noch gut entwickeln wird.

    1. Danke. Das Interview gibt’s übrigens auch auf Deutsch: https://www.fairfashionblog.de/interview-mit-den-gruenderin-von-squaregal/

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