Australia 🇦🇺

Patagonia (in Sydney, Byron Bay, Torquay, Burleigh Heads, Manly)

Acne Studios (in Sydney, Melbourne, Chadstone)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)

Argentina 🇦🇷

Patagonia (in Buenos Aires)

Dr. Martens (in Buenos Aires)

Belgium 🇧🇪

Dr. Martens (in Brussels, Antwerp, Gent)

la fille d’O (in Antwerp, Gent)

Supergoods (in Gent, Mechelen)

SuperGreenMe (in Brussels)

Acne Studios (in Antwerp)

Jutka & Riska (in Antwerp)

inLevel5 (in Leuven)

Doekjes & Broekjes (in Leuven)

Vaude (in Leuven)

Go Veg (in Liège)

Mahalo (in Liège)

Meer dan Mooi (in Geel)

Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦

Inti Ferreira (in Bihać)

Canada 🇨🇦

Dr. Martens (in Toronto, Montréal, Edmonton)

Patagonia (in Ontario, Vancouver)

Allbirds (in Toronto, Vancouver)

Natureal – The Junction (in Toronto)

Warby Parker (in Toronto)

The Painted Sheep (in Ontario)

June Swimwear (in Montréal)

Grinning Goat (in Calgary)

Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Odd Molly (in Praha)

Patagonia (in Praha)

Nila (in Praha)

Radost Shop (in Praha)

Colombia 🇨🇴

Dr. Martens (in Bogota, Medellín)

Skunkfunk (in Zaragoza)

China 🇨🇳

Allbirds (in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou)

Chile 🇨🇱

Patagonia (in Alto Las Condes, Portal Temuco, Concepción, Portal La Dehesa, Buenaventura, Coyhaique, Pucón, Mall Sport, Puerto Varas)

Denmark 🇩🇰

Langsamt Roskilde (in København, Roskilde)

Acne Studios (in København)

AIAYU (in København)

Dr. Martens (in København)

Stella McCartney (in København)

QWSTION (in København)

Silkevejen (in København)

Dedicated Brand (in København)

England 🇬🇧

Dr. Martens (in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester, Oxford, York, Nottingham, Newcastle and more)

Seasalt Cornwall (in Stamford, Mumbles, York, Cardiff, Dorchester, Chester, Canterbury, Marlborough, Dartmouth, Sevenoaks and more)

Patagonia (in Manchester, Bristol)

Allbirds (in London)

69b Boutique (in London)

The Keep Boutique (in London)

Acne Studios (in London)

Stella McCartney (in London)

Lowie (in London)

Gabriela Hearst (in London)


Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in London)

The Fair Shop (in Brighton)

Diana Porter (in Bristol)

Maude & Tommy (in York)

earth matters (in North Berwick)

The Ethical Jeweller (in Otley)

Estonia 🇪🇪

ZUZU (in Tallinn)

Ethopia 🇪🇹

SoleRebels (in Addis Ababa)

France 🇫🇷

EKYOG (in Paris, Alpes-Maritimes, Aube, Bas-Rhin, Calvados, Charente-Maritime, Côte-d’Or, Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère, Gironde and more)

Aigle (in Paris, Le Chesnay, Mérignac, Vélizy-Villacoublay, Caen, Aurillac, Brive, Besançon, Chartres, Quimper and more)

Modetic (in Romans, Grenoble, Nantes, Lyon)

Skunkfunk (in Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Bayonne)

Dr. Martens (in Paris, Lyon, Puteaux)

Veja (in Paris, Bordeaux)

Acne Studios (in Paris)

Altermundi (in Paris)

elemente clemente (in Paris)

Stella McCartney (in Paris)

Misericordia (in Paris)

Noyoco (in Paris)

Le Sourire Multicolore (in Paris)

Dalia and Rose (in Paris)

Boutique Monsieur Poulet (in Paris)

Origeen (in Lyon)

Kulteco (in Lyon)

NEIWA (in Toulouse)

Ethic & Chic (in Toulouse)

Patagonia (in Chamonix)

Ekéo (in Crolles)

Ailleurs & Ici (in Chambéry)

Finland 🇫🇮

Odd Molly (in Helsinki)

Greece 🇬🇷

SoleRebels (in Athens)

Hungary 🇭🇺

ESZKA (in Budapest)

Italy 🇮🇹

Lavgon (in Roma, Milano, Venezia, Verona, Sicilia, Lucca and more)

Stella McCartney (in Roma, Milano, Firenze)

Patagonia (in Milano, Cortina, Montebelluna)

Acne Studios (in Milano)

L.G.R (in Milano)

freitag (in Milano)

Macondo (in Verona)

Aufburg (in Bolzano)

Ireland 🇮🇪

Dr. Martens (in Dublin, Belfast)

Patagonia (in Dublin)

Skunkfunk (in Dublin)

Iceland 🇮🇸

Org (in Reykjavik)

Israel 🇮🇱

Balagan (in Tel Aviv)

Indonesia 🇮🇩

Stella McCartney (in Jakarta)

Japan 🇯🇵

Patagonia (in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, Miyagi, Chiba, Kanagawa, Nagano, Aichi and more)

Dr. Martens (in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kobe, Kawasaki, Okinawa, Musashino, Machida, Sapporo and more)

Stella McCartney (in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Fukuoka)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)

Acne Studios (in Tokyo, Osaka)

Allbirds (in Tokyo, Osaka)

freitag (in Tokyo)


Korea 🇰🇷

Patagonia (in Seoul, Daegu Chilgok, Dobong)

Allbirds (in Seoul, Garosu-gil)

Dr. Martens (in Seoul)

Acne Studios (in Seoul)

Stella McCartney (in Seoul)

Luxembourg 🇱🇺

NATURATA (in Route de Longwy)

Latvia 🇱🇻

Krista Elsta Knitwear (in Rīga)

Lebanon 🇱🇧

Stella McCartney (in Beirut)

Mexico 🇲🇽

Dr. Martens (in Mexico City, Guadalajara)

Desserto (in Guadalajara)

Norway 🇳🇴

Acne Studios (in Oslo)

Odd Molly (in Oslo)

Vel Bevare (in Oslo)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in Oslo)

New Zealand 🇳🇿

Allbirds (in Auckland)

Portugal 🇵🇹

Skunkfunk (in Lisboa, Porto)

Odd Molly (in Lisboa)

Peru 🇵🇪

Misericordia (in Lima)

Patagonia (in Cusco)

Russia 🇷🇺

Stella McCartney (in Moscow)

Spain 🇪🇸

Skunkfunk (in Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Valencia, Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastián, Figueres, Tolosa, Vitoria-Gasteiz)

Stella McCartney (in Madrid, Barcelona)

Veja (in Madrid)

meet, (in Madrid)

ecoalf (in Madrid)

GreenLifeStyle (in Barcelona)

SoleRebels (in Barcelona)

Bloi (in Barcelona)

Humus vestir sostenible (in Barcelona)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in Barcelona)

B.huno (in Barcelona)

Suite13 (in Palma de Mallorca)

Sweden 🇸🇪

Odd Molly (in Stockholm, Gothenborg, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Jönköping )

Dedicated Brand (in Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö)

Acne Studios (in Stockholm, Gothenburg)

Dr. Martens (in Stockholm)

Stella McCartney (in Stockholm)

Patagonia (in Stockholm)

Greenlight (in Stockholm)

Eco & Fair (in Stockholm)

Earth N More (in Stockholm)

A+:) (in Stockholm)

Uniforms for the Dedicated (in Stockholm)

Skunkfunk (in Malmö)

Mariedal Design (in Alingsås)

Lotus Eco (in Karlskrona)

Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Dr. Martens (in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen)

Slovakia 🇸🇰

Odd Molly (in Bratislava)

South Africa 🇿🇦

Dr. Martens (in Johannesburg)

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

Stella McCartney (in Riyadh, Jeddah)

Singapore 🇸🇬

SoleRebels (in Singapore)

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Expresso Fashion (in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Groningen, Breda, Haarlem, Enschede, Arnhem, Amersfoort, Den Bosch and more)

Vanilia (in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Den Bosch, Maastricht, Alkmaar, Breda, Amersfoort, Arnhem, Bergen, Eindhoven and more)

Dr. Martens (in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Masstricht, Roermond)

NUKUHIVA (in Amsterdam, Utrecht)

Jutka & Riska (in Amsterdam, Haarlem)

Brand Mission (in Amsterdam, Haarlem)

LaSalle (in Amsterdam, Den Haag)

enz. fairwear (in Utrecht, Baarn)

Patagonia (in Amsterdam)

Fjällräven (in Amsterdam)

Allbirds (in Amsterdam)

Studio JUX (in Amsterdam)

Mio sieraden (in Amsterdam)

Teym (in Amsterdam)

Puha (in Utrecht)

Inti Ferreira (in Den Haag)

Brand Mission (in Haarlem)

Karakter (in Gouda)

Sus & So (in Hilversum)

Graciela Huam (in Westerhoven)

Van Nature (in Nijmegen)

Turkey 🇹🇷

Stella McCartney (in Istanbul)

Thailand 🇹🇭

Dr. Martens (in Bangkok)

Stella McCartney (in Bangkok)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in Bangkok)

Taiwan 🇹🇼

SoleRebels (in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Pingtung City)

USA 🇺🇸

Patagonia (in California, Colorado, Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, llinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota and more)

Warby Parker (in New York, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Columbia, Florida, Georgia, llinois, Louisiana and more)

Dr. Martens (in New York, Washington, San Francisco, California, Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Seattle, Phoenix and more)

Allbirds (in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis and more)

Stella McCartney (in New York, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Palo Alto, Bal Harbour, Costa Mesa)

Rothy’s (in Minneapolis, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington)

The Reformation (in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Culver City)

Catbird (in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Georgetown DC)

Acne Studios (in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco)

Eileen Fisher (in New York, New Jersey and more)

Odd Molly (in Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Vail)

MooShoes (in New York, Los Angeles)

Only Hearts (in New York, Los Angeles)

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (in New York, Los Angeles)

Bario Neal (in New York, Philadelphia)

Gabriela Hearst (in New York, Beverly Hills)

Ulla Johnson (in New York, West Hollywood)

Veja (in New York)

Fjällräven (in New York)

The Narativ House (in New York)

The Canvas (in New York)

Mociun (in New York)

Melissa Joy Manning (in New York)

AYR (in New York)

Kaight (in New York)

Everlane (in New York)

Brother Vellies (in New York)

Ash & Rose (in Boston)

SoleRebels (in California)

United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Stella McCartney (in Dubai)